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The End of the Rear Loader Half Cabs

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the withdrawal of the last Leicester City Transport Leyland PD3s and the start of the Access Bus services in 1982, there will be small event taking place at Leicester Transport Heritage Trust’s Stoneygate Tram Depot (453 London Road, Leicester LE2 3JW) on Sunday 9th October 2022, from 10.30am – 4pm. A selection of ex LCT half cabs will be providing free bus rides in the local area.


Bus shuttles start at 11.00am from Stoneygate Tram Depot and run every half hour to Abbey Pumping station until 2.30pm.


From Abbey Pumping Station museum (Space centre coach) services start at 11.15am and run every half hour until 2.15pm, with a final special service at 3.30pm to the Tram depot after a photo line up in the National Space Centre coach park.


The Leyland PD2 & PD3s timetabled for use on Sunday are FJF 193, TBC 163, TBC 164 and 264 ERY.


Click here for the day’s timetable.

The event is finished.