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Ex Leicester City Transport Daimler CSG6 UJF 182 still survives near the city of Arezzo!!

Some recent photos have been sent to the Leicester Transport Heritage Trust by Sven Tiemann which were taken by his sister on a recent visit to the Tuscany region of Italy. The photos show that ex Leicester City Transport Daimler CSG6 UJF 182 still survives near the city of Arezzo. One of a batch of six Daimler CS6G/30 chassis that were bought for evaluation purposes by LCT in 1959. These had Gardner 6LW engines, coupled to a David Brown gearbox. The six CSG6/30’s buses had standard Metro-Cammell ‘Orion’ H41/33R bodywork. UJF 182, along with the other five Daimler’s were withdrawn from Leicester service back in 1971 because of a desire to standardise the half-cab fleet on the Leyland PD3’s and due to their ponderous performance on the road.

UJF 182 soon found a new buyer and moved to the North East of the UK with the small independent bus operator F Lockeys & Son of West Auckland. Painted in a smart black livery the Daimler would ply it’s trade between Bishop Auckland and the village of Evenwood for over ten years before the company was taken over in the early 1980’s by OK Motors. With UJF 182 being in such good condition it did find a new role as a driver trainer vehicle with a company on the South Coast and then returning to a passenger carrying role as a sightseeing bus in London.

By the early 2000’s UJF 182 was up for sale with Ensignbus of West Purfleet, Essex, for £18,000 and it was from here the bus was exported to Italy with a new registration WSL 152. It’s thought the new owners in Italy had planned to convert the Daimler into a mobile home for a grand tour of Europe. but being of high-bridge design this new role would not have been ideal on European roads. Now after over twenty years in Italy and with various owners the bus has now moved to a new location in Tuscany. What awaits the bus next we are unsure, sadly the LTHT don’t have the funds to mount an attempt to bring the bus back to Leicester if it ever came up for sale again, but it is good to see this old ex Leicester half cab Daimler still survives in Italy after all these years.