Leicester Transport Heritage Trust

Leicester Transport Heritage Trust

Researching, preserving and promoting our local road transport heritage

About Us

The Leicester Transport Heritage Trust was formed in 2007 as a result of a merger of two well established groups with similar interests and objectives. The Trust was awarded Charitable Status in 2008 under the classification of Education, Training, Heritage, Environment and Conservation. Charity No.1124024

The Trust’s principal aim is to research, preserve and promote Leicester and Leicestershire’s road transport heritage. Our interest is in all forms of road transport, be it bus, coach, tram, truck, van, car or cycles providing it has a local connection.

Whilst many consider transport to be a very mechanical subject we are great believers in the importance of the social aspect of transport heritage because it is very much about the people that made the industry work and thrive, in addition to the equipment they used to achieve this. It is also about the people who worked on and used Leicester’s public transport and how it transformed the city and the lives of the people who live or lived here.

The Trust’s aspiration is to showcase the area’s rich and fascinating transport heritage in a permanent museum. In April 2013 the Trust signed a lease with Leicester City Council for the old Edwardian Tram Depot at 453 London Road, Stoneygate, Leicester. The plan is to apply for funding to conserve the building and transform it into a Local Transport Heritage & Research Centre.

Trust members have the opportunity to get involved in vehicle restoration and archive related work. We are always looking for volunteers to help in our mission to preserve and run our heritage fleet.

The Trust has an archive of over 250,000 photos, maps, historic documents and items of local historic interest that we are working through to catalogue and publish Leicester’s rich transport history.

The Trust stage open days and community events throughout the year where members are able to get involved in all aspects of organising, running, maintenance, archiving and driving.

A quarterly journal ‘Leicester Wheels’ is published covering historical and topical items, together with our up coming events.