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C.Handley Haulage Contractors Enderby Leicestershire.

The LTHT are always keen to highlight the many different aspects of Leicestershires Transport History and we appreciate the chance to add items to our Archives. So we were pleased to have the chance to borrow and scan a number of photos from Robert Handley who’s father Charles Handley started in the transport business after the end of the Second World War. The first vehicles were Morris Commercials with later models supplied by the Leicester Morris dealership ‘Hamshaws’, the Morris lorries were kept busy delivering Bagged grain for Spillers along with fertliser and bagged coal. Cossington Commercial were a later supplier of ERF’s that joined the fleet when a more heavyweight vehicle type were required for the movement of Granite and concrete slabs out the many Leicestershire quarries.

Listed below is some of the fleet of C.Handley and the photos below show these vehicles.

Morris or BMC: JAY 588, UNR 340, YNR 833, CAY 428B,

ERF ‘s: 1142 NU (ex Midland Storage) GYB 772D, JLG 477G ,KFP 456P, ORX 323R.

Robert Handley the son of Charles is also well known for his vehicle engineering skills, ¬†this included the conversion of a number of coaches which took on new roles as Brisca Stockcar transporters. Robert also converted EFV 317D a Ford Plaxton coach which became the Handley family mobile holiday home in the 1970’s.


handleyc.handley UNR 340c.handleyc.handley  CAY 428B MORRISc.handley  833 AND 428Bc.handley  1142 NUc.handleyc.handley GYB 772D2c.handley GYB 772D1c.handley GYB 772Dc.handley NO121c.handley 1c.handley   ERF JLG 477Gc.handley   ERFc.handley NO122c.handley KFP 456Pc.handley ORX 323Rc.handley    CBC 831Yc.handley    EFV 317Dc.handley   NEB 346R