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Leyland PD3 No.48

Dez Brisco was sorry that LCT PD3 No.48 was not able to attend the 2013 LTHT Running but unfortunately the bus was laid up with a blown head gasket. After removing the two heads they were sent away to be checked for damage. Dez also had the injectors serviced and two new injector pipes made ready for rebuilding the engine. While the heads were off he also checked some of the engine components for wear. A new water rail has had to be fitted as there was corrosion on the inside surfaces. The newly machined cylinder heads were refitted along with the rocker assemblies. The tappets were set and the injectors were put back in place. So, with it all back in together the batteries were charged, the fuel bled and Dez pressed the start button and happily the engine slowly came back to life. Dez is now looking forward to taking No. 48 out again in 2014.