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Sainsbury’s rehomes historic staircase

A historic staircase at the heart of Leicester’s industrial heritage will be given a new home after being preserved at the former Belgrave Sainsbury’s store for more than quarter of a century.

Once a permanent fixture at Belgrave Road railway station, the spiral stairway was retained when the site became a Sainsbury supermarket.

Following the supermarket’s relocation in November, Sainsbury’s was keen to ensure that the staircase and its heritage was not lost.

After a great deal of research and liaison with Leicester City Council, Sainsbury’s worked in partnership with Leicester Transport Heritage Trust to find the staircase a new home.

Plans to dismantle and carefully remove the staircase in sections, in order to preserve it, were put in place. It was then transported to the Stoneygate Tram Depot site, in London Road- making the journey by lorry.

The depot is set to be transformed into a local Transport Heritage Centre and the staircase will be incorporated as a key feature, making it an ideal location.

David Mills, from Sainsbury’s, said “It was very important for us to find a suitable new home for the staircase. It has been at the former Belgrave store for more than 25 years and we were determined that its history and heritage should not be lost. We are delighted that Leicester Transport Heritage Trust is taking ownership for this historic piece; I am sure it will be enjoyed by railway enthusiasts and residents for many years to come.”

Robert Kemp, from Leicester Transport Heritage Trust, added; “We are extremely grateful to Sainsbury’s for giving us the historic staircase, allowing us to preserve it for public enjoyment. I can’t think of a better home for it than us.”