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Chassis: Dennis Dominator

Chassis Number: DDA141/350

Body: East Lancs

Body Number: 426

Seating Capacity: H43/33F

New: January 1982

1982-1990: Life with LCT later Leicester Citybus

Dennis Dominator no.50 was delivered new to LCT in January 1982 as part of the 5th batch consisting of 17 buses but being 1 of 4 of which were fitted with 4 speed gearboxes (numbers 49-52) as these were intended to be based at the Gibson Division at Barlestone where higher road speeds were necessary for their longer country routes. In reality it did not solely remain at the Barlestone depot but saw most of its LCT service from the Abbey Park Road Garage in Leicester itself.

It is fitted with East Lancs bodywork which is typical of the majority of LCT’s Dominators but this batch was the first to feature flat top domes rather than the peaked domes of the earlier batches.

During its LCT service life It started with LCT in deep cream with 2 maroon bands later being repainted into red, white and grey council livery followed by maroon and cream Citybus colours returning to cream when GRT took ownership  before becoming part of the newly formed First group when GRT joined forces with Badgerline in 1988.  

Following withdrawal from First Leicester June 1990 it was transferred to First Mainline’s Rotherham depot for storage where it later was selected to become their driver trainer re-numbered 90099 and received a dark blue and white livery. In November 2005 the bus was deemed surplus and was acquired from First Mainline by the Leicester Corporation Bus Preservation Group which merged 2 years later with the Leicester Transport Study Group to become the Leicester Transport Heritage Trust (LTHT).

2005-Date: In preservation

As acquired as a training vehicle its upper deck had already had its seats removed along with its staircase so this was an area of a lot of work to restore the bus to its original condition. Although purchased with a current MOT much work including the replacement of the rear Air-Bag suspension brackets which had to be fabricated from scratch along with the replacement of the front step supports along with some new floor outriggers. It made its Preservation debut at the Trusts 2013 event resplendent in its original livery and has been a regular performer at LTHT events ever since.