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Leicester Transport Heritage Trust

Researching, preserving and promoting our local road transport heritage


This month we were due to hold our April Running Day at Quorn with our friends at the GCR. We also planned to celebrate 50 years of Confidence Bus & Coach. (And launch a restored PD2 too!) The LTHT rely on the income from the sale of the event programme to pay for the ongoing costs of our fleet. No running day in April means no money coming in to pay the overheads. It was due to be our biggest event ever!

Please have a look at our crowdfunding page https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/fund-our-fleet-help-us-keep-our-vehicles-moving?fbclid=IwAR1EZk-ufu56pvk9kdWINBksEFipAp8kCX8Jc9Ub9xkj_s0t4KD4PWTyn_U

We are asking for a small donation for an imaginary programme. I know it’s silly but I’m hoping you’ll think it fun too…. Picture the best programme you can think of and donate what you think it should cost.

Everyday throughout April I’ll post a picture of something interesting to keep the conversation going and the team spirit. I’ll also continue to paste the link for our fundraising page but I’ll keep the begging to a minimum!

There are over 1000 members on this page now. If we all gave £5 each that’s enough to house and keep legal, three of our buses!

Please share with all your friends – if you wouldn’t have attended the event because you are too far away, how about picturing the best imaginary premium beer and donating the cost of that? Sorry… I know the pubs are closed.

Please help!

The LTHT is a registered Charity No. 1124024


During April, we were due to put on our annual Vintage Bus Running Day with our friends at the Great Central Railway. It was due to be our biggest event ever! 

As a volunteer group we had made a significant effort preparing trust vehicles for this event. Directors had invested equal amounts of time and trust funds into the planning and promotion of the event. Privately owned vehicles, both locally and from further afield had signed up to support us and we had also teamed up with local independent operator, Confidence Bus and Coach, to celebrate their 50th year in the business. Additionally, this event was also to be the public launch of our recently restored former Leicester City Transport, 1950 Leyland PD2, No.154 which has been lovingly restored by the team at First Leicester. She is currently all dressed up with nowhere to go! 

Covid-19 has denied us all of this for the foreseeable near future. We do still harbor dreams of a rescheduled event later in the year but we cannot escape that any future event will be in an emerging climate with fresh new costs.

The Trust needs events like the April Running Day to bring in the funds that pay to keep the vintage buses under a roof, road legal and well maintained. Sadly the costs are still there even though we are unable to enjoy the collection in this unprecedented time. 

We rely solely on generous donations and the sale of the Programme when you attend our events.

Please consider donating the cost of an Imaginary Programme for the event we couldn’t hold. Please picture the best programme you can in your mind and donate accordingly.

We are desperate to get back to the fleet and reschedule an event but we do need your help to keep us ready for that road ahead. 

The Leicester Transport Heritage Trust can offer many things, from research and discovery in the Trust Archives to a relaxing and nostalgic journey on one of our vintage vehicles, yet this year we do need your help more than ever to keep history alive!

Your donation will help directly with the upkeep of these vehicles… Please help!

Thank you.