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ex First Leicester Scania L113 S350 MFP joins the LTHT collection

A rather more modern vehicle has been added to the  LTHT collection. New to First Leicester in October 1998, as No.350, and latterly with First Potteries it is No. 60006, a Wright Axcess ultra-low bodied Scania L113CRL single decker, registered S350 MFP. Following several suggestions from Trust members we approached First Midlands about the availability of this bus, once it came out of service. It was one of the first buses to receive a fleet number in First’s national numbering series.

It was all down to members donations that enabled the bus to be added to the collection, once a sale had been agreed. Our thanks go to First Midlands for their valuable cooperation and assitance in allowing us to secure this bus. Special thanks go to Nigel Eggleton for assisting with arrangements and for driving the bus from Stoke to Leicester to it’s new preservation home. We are also grateful to the staff at Stoke who went the extra mile in ensuring that we had a good set of seats and other related spare parts.

With the arrival of 60006 it means that our vehicle collection now represents close on 50 years of development. It is an example of an early low-floor single decker and it means we now have a wheelchair accessible vehicle in the collection.


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  1. Stephen Field

    Great idea , glad to see modern vehicles being looked after , i used to like the old A reg Olympian deckers operated by Midland Red , are any of those still about ??

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