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Scania UK launch the new Fencer 1 bus with help from LTHT ARY 225K

To celebrate the launch of the new SCANIA FENCER bus it was good to be asked by Scania UK if the Leicester Transport Heritage Trust could supply our 1972 Metro Scania single decker ARY 225K which would appear in the promotional video of the new Fencher bus launch.

ARY 225K is the oldest known surviving Scania bus model in the UK and was new to Leicester City Transport in 1972. The first Metro Scania’s were delivered to LCT in 1971 and were new into service in May of that year.

See the Scania UK Fencer bus launch video on the link below.

Scania Fencer – The bus you’ve been waiting for


The UK has been chosen for the global launch of Scania’s new Fencer bus range, the first model of which is the Fencer f1, a single deck, fully built-up bus.  The vehicle, which is the first complete Scania single deck bus to be released in the UK for ten years, will subsequently be introduced to many other markets worldwide and will form the basis of a new platform of sustainable Scania buses going forward.  Named to reflect its agility, performance and the sharpness of its design lines, the Scania Fencer f1 offers a host of operational and sustainability benefits, including the widest range of fuelling options available on the market today.

“The Scania Fencer f1 is a truly innovative and exciting new product which is the result of several years of research and development by Scania’s engineers in conjunction with our colleagues at Higer, with whom we have enjoyed a strong, professional partnership with for the past 15 years,” comments Martin West, Sales Director – Bus and Coach for Scania (Great Britain) Limited.  “The result is a flexible, efficient and economical vehicle built to the high quality standards assured by our fully embedded production processes at the Higer factory.  As such, the Fencer will contribute significantly to the sustainability objectives of the UK Government’s recently announced national bus strategy.  As a completely built-up Scania product, the Fencer will be fully supported by the Scania network of 84 UK service centres.

“The Fencer will be built on a new chassis, which has been designed from the outset as a future-proofed platform with a comprehensive selection of renewably-fuelled drivetrains including full battery electric and hybrid versions and biogas options (see Editor’s note 1).  Initially, we are launching the vehicle with our tried, tested, proven and highly regarded nine-litre engine, which can be operated on 100 percent HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) biofuel.  This engine option has been missed in recent years by our rural and inter-urban customers and we are delighted to be reintroducing it to the market at this time.

“Looking ahead, the single deck Fencer f1 is just the beginning of a new bus platform for Scania.  Articulated and double deck options are also planned, meaning we will soon have a solution for every UK bus fleet operator.”
Scania Fencer – The bus you’ve been waiting for

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