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Straws Coaches AEC Reliance BJF 999K


Mike Greenwood has acquired a second AEC Reliance with Plaxton coach body. Registered WFR 167K this was new to Abbot of Blackpool. The original intention was to use this for spares for BJF 999K but as it turned out WFR is in much better shape than BJF 999K. Amazingly both coaches were first registered on the same date – 1st April 1972 so the plan now is to transform WFR into BJF 999K, which will include a registration transfer, as this will enable a much quicker option to complete the ” Return Straws to the road” project.


  1. Graham Mills

    I cannot believe that this coach has attracted so much attention, first of all Mick Pole who I remember and Chris Straw who I have not seen since he lived in Keyworth.

    As for Paul woodward, I bet he enjoyed going down Layton road as much as I did. Which garage was it? The first one was just after the railway bridge which a new one build just before it which became Spencer gears when the company was sold after my grandfathers death.

    It would be nice to know when it will be on show next as I missed the quorn event.

    1. Christopher Straw

      Hi graham.I don’t think you will remember me. When I used to go down to Straws garage (the original one affectionally known as Teds yard I used to see your Dad & mum regularly. In th late fifties,he had a bond minicar which he and your mum went on holiday in. We had quite a few good times in the yard.I can only remember you as a small boy. Regards Chris Straw.

  2. Sarah phillips

    Really pleased to see my old coach lovingly restored and gone to a good home.i owned wfr 167k and drove this coach throughout the UK for about 11 years and have lovely memories.If anyone has any photos of it going through restoration and completion I would be very thankful.it lovely to see someone enjoying it and carrying on the AEC tradition.

  3. Stewart Barnes

    My Dad Sam Barnes worked for straws in the 70’s I remember going to the garage at Layton road.
    I remember them having a couple of coaches that weren’t painted in the company colours one was a Bedford with a side entrance door and which was light brown in colour and another I think was a Grenadier bodied AEC which I was fascinated by because it had offset seating 2 on one side 1 the other.
    I remember a small Scottish chap starting as mechanic called Bill.

  4. Mick Pole

    I worked for Straws when BJF came as a chassis.
    A driver named Keth Woodward fetched it from AEC.it was placed over the pit and Harvey Page and drivers went to work on it every hose clip was turned so it would be easier to get at when the body was put on. All wheels removed and painted in Straws colours. Then off to Paxton for bodywork.
    BJF first trip was to Krefeld Germany driven by Eddie Straw. On return 2nd trip was to Coventry driven by myself.

    1. Andy Tucker

      Hello Mick

      Thanks for the information on BJF 999K, I’ll be seeing the owner of the ex Straws coach tomorrow and pass on your inside info. The restoration of the coach is going well and we are all looking forward to seeing it back in Straws livery.
      Andrew Tucker

      1. Graham Mills


        Edwin Straw was my grandfather and looking back through your posts I remember the pit at both garages in Layton road. Must have been only about 7 or 8, my mum used to clean for him on a Friday and the drivers used to look after me, mainly seeing how mucky they could get me! always ended up down the pit. Sometimes the whole family turned out to clean a coach for the Brighton Rally and we were normally there until will after 11.00pm polishing everything, even if it could not be seen with my granddad and Bonzo (his Boxer dog) inspecting everything.

        Mum used to go mad. He was always looking for good numbers for his coaches , his car was RJF 1 while his son Eddie had WRY 1.

        Will be great to see the coach on the road again, wonder is it ever did a Tigers run? will have a look in an old ledger I have to see if there are any records.

        1. Andy Tucker

          Hello Graham

          Good to hear of your memories of the Straws family coach company. Do you have a contact telephone number so that the owner of the BJF 999K (Mike Greenwood) can contact you about discussing further details of Straws coaching history.

          1. Thomas Powles

            The bus bjf 999k was originally owned by my grandad (Brian Powles) he was getting a different bus but the engine blew up as he left the yard and this was his replacement

        2. Jo

          My mother knew Edward Straw many years ago, I’m thinking he was your uncle?
          He used to be in the RAF near Bridgnorth ..My mother is 88 & has been talking about him recently I hope you don’t mind me contacting you .

    2. Andrew Spriggs

      Somebody told me that BJF999K was the last AEC Reliance to be acquired by Straws.I have always been interested in this fleet and would like to know what they bought after Reliances and the date they ceased to trade.I seem to remember an ex Glenton Tours centre door AEC Reliance with a Panorama body which retained the beige livery

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