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The Trust visit Loughborough Market!

We had a really busy visit to Loughborough Market today (30th April) to promote our May 7th event at Quorn. Dozens of people stopped to pick up a leaflet for the event, to talk to us and share their stories.

Our main aim was to promote interest in Quorn, but it was especially interesting to hear people’s stories linked to the adverts on Mick’s RT, especially Clemersons of Loughborough where a number of people had worked as apprentices. Amongst the stories we heard was that Clemersons also made coffins as it specialised in high quality woodwork. A lovely gent told us his experiences of working there and learning his trade before it closed.

A number of people said “I learned to drive in one of those” gesturing to Mick’s bus with a casual nod of the head – different times maybe!

It was also great to see so many young families excited to see us – the quote of the day was “WOW what a great bus” from a very excited 6 year old! We had a very interested 12 year old hoover up some bus magazines and plead with his dad to bring him along. We hope that they all come and see us on May 7th.

With thanks to Mick and Sally for the loan of their beautiful RT, Richard for his help and the team at Loughborough Market for their kindness in having us. A great day!